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I would like to introduce you to a few patients of mine. People you don't know making claims that may surprise you merely because you have never heard what they have to say.  Why do I post these testimonials? Not because we have huge organizations funding research to prove these claims within the scientific method. But because we see amazing results like these day in and day out, and that really is the only proof needed of the efficiency of the alignment or nutritional care.  We know it works, they know it works and want to share that with you.  These are not the select few that have had amazing results, these are a representative sampling of many just like them. Please take some time to see how others have benefited from our care and how you can too.

Our patients are invaluable to us and it brings us such joy when they regain health, vitality and balance (yes it is important)!  It is incredible to know that we have helped improve a person's quality of life.  We are honored to share these testimonies given to us by some of our highly esteemed patients.  

video testimonials

Joint Pain and Illness

Headache, Shoulder and Low Back Pain

Great Job Eric

Miscalculation in windage

Neck Pain and Numbness

Neck and Low Back Pain



Shoulder Pain

Low Back Pain



Shoulder Pain

Low Back Pain

Scoliosis and Low Back Pain



written testimonials

Nancy M. 

-Battle Creek, MI

I heard about Aligned Care Chiropractic from my husband, who learned about this technique from a provider in Battle Creek.  I came in for back fatigue, right sided due to scoliosis, mid-back, neck and hip discomfort. Since beginning Upper Cervical Chiropractic care, my improvements have been noticeable and I don't feel my mid-back go out every other week.  I have seen other chiropractors in the past, but was tired of never improving from standard chiropractic.  Dr. Warner's approach doesn't "pop" you into adjustment repeatedly for temporary relief.  He adjusts the root cause for an effective, more permanent improvement. Since seeing Dr. Warner I no longer focus on my back all the time or worry about how much worse it might get. 

Jennifer N. 

-Dallas, TX

Working with Dr. Warner was such a blessing to me. I had a meniscus tear and did not want surgery. Dr. Warner took extra time to research all possible treatments and put me on a plan that worked perfect for me. It has been over a year, no recurring problems and no surgery!

B. Solik

Kalamazoo, MI


My husband and I both go to Dr. Warner.  We have benefited from adjustments and the nutrition program. My fingernails were in awful condition . . . dry, soft, splitting and breaking off.  My nails are strong once again. When I first started with Dr. Warner I could not bend over to touch the floor and could not lift my left leg without assistance. I’m so happy that I can now do both. I’m very thankful for Dr. Warner and his programs. I like that he helps your body heal itself. 

Don U.

-Schoolcraft. MI

I felt compelled to send this testimony because of how my health in general is improving because of Aligned Care Chiropractic. In fact, after a recent appointment and on my way to Baldwin to go camping for the weekend, it suddenly dawned on me how “alive” I felt and full of life. Wow, that was an awesome feeling and the only change in my life that could have caused this feeling was my appointments with Dr. Warner.


Thanks and keep up the good work.

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